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A Creative Portfolio Website for Screenwriter & Journalist,
Mary Claire Kendall

Mary Claire Cinema


Mary Claire Cinema - homepage

A screenshot of the homepage of "Mary ClaireCinema.com"

“Mary Claire Cinema”
is a creative portfolio website that I designed for a friend who is a professional screenwriter and journalist. The catalyst for her website was a screenplay that she wrote titled, The Rose and the Thorns. The graphics on her site were designed to complement the title of this screenplay, using a theatrical red and black theme on the homepage, with a single rose in the center and navigation below. The title of her website appears at the top of the homepage in a fancy script font inside of a white text box, that is surrounded by a red dotted outline. The navigation at the bottom of the page also uses the same script font, which is meant to resemble cursive handwriting as if the author's own pen had been used; while the red dotted outlines resemble a movie marquis. The overall design of the homepage is suppposed to resemble a movie poster of the screenplay. The script font is also used throughout the interior pages of her site, in the headers and in the navigation; along with images of roses set against black filmstrips in the upper left corner of each page. The main text areas use a background that looks like parchment paper, so the theme of the writer and her play is carried visually, throughout the site.

The website’s Non-Fiction page contains links to the author’s journalistic articles covering many topics, including biographical articles on Hollywood Legends, as well as opinion articles, and feature articles published in prominent online news websites and publications. The author is currently working on two books, with the first having been published in the spring of 2015, which is titled, “Oasis: Conversion Stories of Hollywood Legends.” More can be learned about her book project and corresopnding book and radio interview tour she has done, on her website on the “Project News” page. Mary Claire Kendall also writes regularly for blogs and news websites on the topic of Hollywood Legends as well.







Below, the Non-Fiction page of the site features numerous articles written by the author, organized by type of article writing, and into sections with a summary about the author's background, at the top of the page:

Non-Fiction page


The Project News page shown below, features the author’s news about her book publications and her recent "Oasis" book tour, which includes book reviews and links to interviews, with a chronicle of past speaking engagements, as well as downloadable.mp3 audio & radio interivews. (Shown here is just the top portion of the page.)

Screenshot of Project News page - top

Information on where to buy her book, and video promotions:

Project News - book videos

Shown below, the content sections of the page each use a graphic icon
at the top of the section:

Project News page - News and Events sections

Project News page - radio interviews

The Contact page and form:

Contact page

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