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Woods Hole

Woods Hole:
Harbors, re
staurants, art gallery & Aquarium,
Nobska Lighthouse and sailing ships

purple flag
Woods  Hole waterfront with art gallery
Fish hanging in restaurant
restaurant menu
art gallery fish sculptures and paintings
art gallery paintings
Under the Sun shop
Under the Sun - sign with garden
Lobster sign


Shrimp sculpture by waterfront
NOAA sign
Woods Hole Aquarium
Grey Seal
Grey Seal
Aquarium Billboard
Echolocation of dolphins and whales
Dolphin poster
clown fish
Ocean pout - eel
the Corwith Cramer - SEA
Corwith Cramer - at sunset
Landfall restaurant menu
Nobska Lighthouse
Nobsca Lighthouse

© 2012-’13. All photos by J. Apel

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