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Logo Design:

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earth logo

Planet Earth logo design

Artistic and Creative projects:

A Performing Choral Arts Group:

The Northern Virginia Chorale

A Creative Writer's Website:

A writer’s website


A Real Estate Professional's website:

a Coldwell Banker Realtor&8217;s website

Treasury & Cash Management
Consulting business:

CJVolk Associates Treasury Management Consulting


Web Content Developer:
Spring, 2008; and January, 2010 – January, 2011

Website content development, production, and maintenance for specific sections of the new (2011) and original, TNC websites.




PeopleCount logo and tagline


Spring–Summer, 2012

An independent, non-partisan, political start-up, whose purpose is to enable the democratic participation of people & constituents through voting and communication of their opinions on a wide range of political issues of the day. Users will create their own political "profile" which reflects their views, based upon how they answer a set of questions on a given topic. These profiles will then be collected in a database, and communicated to elected officials in Congress, on the state and national level. If you are interested in having a voice in your government, then this site is a good one to investigate and participate in.




DBP logo

Diversity Best Practices:
 Fall–Winter 2007- ’08

Contract work through Robert Half
Technology Group,
for this small association
that rewards Best Practices in the corporate workplace.

Click on the Diversity Best Practices, NALC, and the BPCC links below to view screenshot examples from the websites. The current website has changed in appearance, and incorporates these five individual sites
into its main DBP site.

  • Diversity Best Practices.com:
    — Explanation of website management and screenshots

  • NALC Conference for Diversity Best Practices.com:
    — Summary of website project management and redesign, with screenshots

  • Best Practice in Corporate Communications.com:
    — Summary of website project management and newsletters, with screenshots

  • Summit/ Diversity Best Practices.com:
    — This website has now been incorporated into the main DBP site. The site was set up specifically for the DBP Annual Summit Meeting and Gala for 2007-'08

  • WOWFacts/Diversity Best Practices.com:
    — This webpage has now been incorpoarted into the main DBP website


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Summer, 2007

Website management assignment through
The Robert Half Technology Group

Assisted The Land Trust Alliance at: www.lta.org, for the summer of 2007 to maintain, update, and create new website content for various sections of their website, including new article pages, and an online directory of Professional Partners. Edited photos, created graphics, and updated link colors, text, and informational content throughout the site.

The LTA website has since been totally redesigned, but the content sections remained the same.



Unity logo

A WordPress blog called, Unity to Wisdom

about Land Trusts - Spring, 2009

— A WordPress blog for an employee of The Land Trust Alliance to document his summer travel sabbatical from Maine to Montana, visiting land trusts around the country, and recording podcasts with interviews, about the work they are doing
with conservation of wild/undeveloped spaces.

Read more about the blog project...


purple butterfly
purple butterfly

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