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Network & Affinity Leadership Congress (NALC) web site

This website was used to promote Diversity Best Practices’ and its parent company, Working Mother Media’s Network and Affinity Leadership Congress (NALC), held in both the fall and the summer. NALC “brings together network and affinity group leaders from America’s top (Fortune 500) companies for leadership training, networking and to share best practices.”

For the fall NALC conference I created an extensive Speakers’ biography section with photos, text and links, as well as a post-conference JavaScript photo gallery with pop-up windows and captions. The other sections of the site included an Agenda page with course session descriptions; post-conference PowerPoint presentations; a confererence Registration section which had several pages with printable PDFs; an Awards section; a Sponsors’ page, and a Resources page for related publications.

In February, the NALC logo was redesigned, and I was asked to redesign and update the website colors and information, as well as its header, to complement the new logo. I created a new header to go with the new logo, and revamped all of the site pages with new navigation colors and links. I also updated the slideshow of images found on both the homepage, and added a new rotating image slideshow within the left sidebar of the main website page. New sections included the Agenda section with pop-up windows detailing the course sessions, and updated content throughout the site, with all of the information for their upcoming 2008 NALC summer conference.

In addition to managing the website, I created three e-flyers to announce the upcoming NALC 2008 conference, which had header images that incorporated the look of the website’s main navigation tabs as a clickable image map, along with a photo border of highlights from their fall 2007 conference. Each e-flyer header had a different caption such as,“Save the Date,” “Join Us,” and “Register Now,” depending upon its purpose. The e-flyers were coded in Dreamweaver first, then sent out via Constant Contact to members. This site also ran on ColdFusion and used a CSS tab-style navigation.



Below are some screen shots of the various site sections:


A JavaScript Photo Gallery I set up, showing the Fall 2007 Highlights
with an example of a pop-up window with caption.


2008 Agenda page with pop-up window showing course session detail.


2007 Speakers section with photos and bios for each speaker
(The section was 3-4 pages with its own navigation.)


One of three NALC E-flyers that I set up in Dreamweaver, which were sent out to members via Constant Contact.
(I created the mock navigation as a clickable image map with the line of photos under it. Each tab takes
the user directly to that page on the website, while the underlined text links to the Registration page.)



Conference registration landing page

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