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Diversity Best Practices Web Site


DiversityBestPractices.com is the preeminent non-profit organization working in the field of diversity, and a subsidiary of their parent company, Working Mother Media. The organization is concerned with designing “best thought practices” and diversity leadership techniques within the workplace. Their efforts are concentrated on offering information and strategies to their member organizations which include many Fortune 500 comapnies, to create, grow, and develop diversity programs within their businesses. While working for them, I managed all five of the DBP websites. Their other four sites all fell under the main DBP umbrella as separate business entities. Two of these sites, WowFacts and BPCC, have now been combined within the main DBP site as it stands today, either as publications, or in some other format within the main site.

In addition to updating and maintaining all of the DBP websites, I created a ColdFusion registration process (with the help of their tech department), for all of DBP’s sessions, web seminars, and events. In addition, I created several e-flyers as well as two newsletters, to send out to DBP’s members. The e-flyers were coded with Dreamweaver and uploaded and distributed to a list via theConstant Contact service. They also served as the landing page for the corresponding web seminars and other online registration events. Both the newsletter and the registration process were features that DBP did not have, prior. All of their websites ran on ColdFusion, Javascript and CSS.

After 2009 the DBP websites were redesigned by a professional web design company, and the original site graphics have now been updated and changed considerably, which can be seen in more detail, at the link above.


Screenshot Examples from the original website:



CEO Leadership Magazine — Featured Articles


Leadership Information page:


Calendar of Events:


Web seminar e-flyer and online registration landing page:


The DBP Newsletter, also sent out via Constant Contact:


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