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Nature Conservancy website

JOB DESCRIPTION: Website content production, development and maintenance for specific sections of the Nature.org website, on contract assignment through The Creative Group in 2008; and again on contract with the Conservancy’s Digtial Marketing Team in 2010-2011.

I prepared the examples shown below for the original, nature.org webiste, as well as assisting with the migration of the newly launched 2011 nature.org website. Content included: photo headers, links, text, captions, maps, as well as rotating photo headers, slideshows, and inserting video and slideshow interactive scripts, for various pages under the “Where We Work" section of the website. Prepared website content using Convio CMS templates, and the TNC’s own, proprietary visual HTML editor, as well as the TNC photo databanks, for the original site.

From December 2010–January 2011, I assisted the Digital Marketing team with the migration of their website content to their new, proprietary Oracle-based OUCM/CMS templated site. This involved migrating extensive page content and setting up new template pages with all related slideshows, videos and scripts, as well as other files and content associated with each webpage, in the new CMS.

Please view the examples shown below, which include my own slideshows of screenshots of the pages I worked on, as well as direct links to several of the pages and sections that I worked on, that have been migrated and updated from the old, to the new websites.

* To learn more about what The Nature Conservancy does, how it works, and the environmental challenges it is addresssing, please visit www.nature.org, and also, under the Our Initiatves tab, select the Urgent Issues link.


The following are pages that I worked on under the original, “Where We Work” section of the nature.org website. These pages have now been migrated to the new site, and may be viewed under the Our Initiatives tab > Regions > United States, and then the corresponding state name(s), in the list of states on that page:

1.) ~ View a slideshow of screenshots of pages from the New Jersey
and Pennsylvania state sections ~
—specifically prepared for the new, nature.org website

2.) ~ View a slideshow of screenshots from a selection
of pages from the original nature.org site ~
—as they appeared on the original, nature.org website before the migration


The following are the links to the actual page examples on the new, nature.org website, which were migrated
from the original website pages that I worked on ( featured above, in the second slideshow):

Massachusetts state:

the new, Government Relations/Policy Section
includes four interior pages from the old site:

Rivers and Streams
Land Protection and Forests
Oceans and Coastal Policy
Climate Change

the new,
Faces of Conservation Section

on the new, Faces of Conservation page:

‘Protecting Fresh Water in Massachusetts’ — a Q&A Interview with Jay and Marilyn Sarles

Connecticut state:
the new, Explore Connecticut page

“This Land is Your Land” Feature pages for these three states:
Maine | Maryland

and New Jersey

the new, Maine “Faces of Conservation” page interview/article:
“Sailing to the Bahamas”

the new, Marine Conservation Page:
Oyster Reef Restoration: Southern Solutions for a Global Problem
— prepared this page content for the original website

& the Oyster reef Interactive map page

— inserted the corresponding, interactive Flash map for the oyster reef restoration page,
on different webpage templates, using a JavaScript.


Under the Caribbean Section:

the Caribbean Landing page
— worked on some elements of the original page.

Caribbean Places We Protect map page
— prepared original map image, but new page now defaults to a Google interactive map
in the same header space.

US Virgin Islands Landing Page
— prepared rotating photo header for the original page, and worked on some of the
bucket features, such as “Stopping the Lionfish” and “Crisis in the Checkout Line.”

Some features in the new Bahamas section,
such as the:
Exuma Cays Slideshow

Under About the TNC, I prepared several of the pages for the Diversity section:
the new, Diversity at the TNC section


Washington State - section, done for the original nature.org site in 2008:

The Washington State Section:
— includes several pages within Washington state, under
the "Preserves/Places We Protect" section, and "Landing pages" for the following sections:

the Caribbean
the South American
the Central America
the Asia Pacific

3.) ~ View the above Washington State and other Landing pages as a slideshow of screenshots ~


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